Hi. I thought I would give you some feedback as I was so impressed with your product - non-explosive demolition agent Dynacem used for demolition of reinforced concrete beam! The task was to cut some 80 cm off the top of an 8m long reinforced concrete beam which was some 35cm in width. I first drilled horizontal holes through the beam to enable a relatively flat surface to be created at the required depth. I drilled vertical holes slightly offset from the axis, alternate holes being on opposing sides and then filled the holes with Dynacem in one operation. The result was huge cracking which effectively separated the upper reinforcement and generally weakened the structure of the concrete. I was then able to easily break the beam into manageable pieces. The drilling was easily done using a powerful SDS Max Drill (Dewalt D25733K- capable of 48mm diameter holes) and Heller Y cutter drill bits (just 1x 24mm pilot and 1x 38mm bit- which are both still in 'as new' condition). The subsequent breaking was done using a Dewalt SDS Max demolition hammer(D25951K). The whole job took just a few days as opposed to my estimate of 8 tedious weeks without the non-explosive demolition agent Dynacem!!! The final result achieved (for the beam) in approx 20-24 working hours (total from start of drilling holes). 1 person only (me) and much of that time spent clearing debris from the roof/ scaffold. Estimated time without Dynacem: Many demoralising weeks!! Strangely it seems that Demolition grout is not generally known about here... Many thanks for your help and please feel free to make use of my comments. Regards, Nick Horsfall

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