Creating an opening in the reinforced concrete load-bearing wall with non-explosive demolition agent Dynacem. Hole diameter 32 mm, PVC elbows 60 degrees angle and 32 mm diameter, inserted about 10 mm into the opening. Load-bearing wall 16 cm thick, double reinforced. Holes drilled to about 14 cm depth, from one side only. A central hole was chiselled in the center to distribute the stresses first. I left the upper and lower holes empty so that all the forces operate inside of the planned opening rather than outside. Holes were drillrd perpendicular to the wall, horizontal. The consumption of demolition grout Dynacem was 12.5 kg in this case. I filled all the holes in one step starting from the center and ending with the outline. The dimensions of the door opening are 207 x 85 cm. I am also sending a photo of how the wall looked like on the other side after 6 hours from filling the holes (Fig. 4-6). The visible blue plastic is a painter's tape to seal PVC elbows in holes. Dynacem acted directly on concrete. Regards, Damian Sz., Jastrzębie Zdrój, Poland, November 2019

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