+ "Super stuff works really great." + "It does not get any better, and nobody here knows that in the north."

"Hello, I wanted to thank you for the great product. Dynacem has wonderfully crushed my foundation 40x40x60 cm. Although I can only drill 20mm holes with 35cm deep, the foundation has broken through to the bottom. So it can easily be removed completely and without much dirt. Ps: For small holes it is important to make the mixture more fluid so that the Dynacem runs in air-free. Here are some pictures for your homepage. Many Thanks greeting Mirko"

Dynacem has been used in Bonn (Germany), in direct vicinity of municipal heating plant steam turbine, to demolish heavily reinforced concrete bunker ceiling with significantly reduced vibrations and emissions. "Fortress Soft Demolition. [...] Air-ride shelter on Karlstrasse St. in Bonn (Germany) is just in front of the municipal heat and power station. It is 12.8 m wide, 28 m long and 20 m tall. The walls are 2 m thick in the basement and 3 m thick in the overground section. Bulky bunker ceiling is roughly 2 m  thick and is made of several layers of densely reinforced concrete. [...] In order to make the area available for a new office development the bunker has to be demolished, which is not an easy task. "­The turbine in the nearby local power station is just 70 m away and any vibrations are unnaceptable."[...] A specialist company applies a chemical method to tackle the demolition. At first holes are drilled in the bunker body. Expansive compound, which increases its volume and crushes the concrete after combined with water, is placed in these holes. An effect similar to the expansion of construction foam can be observed, with the exception of a much larger expansive force being present. The expansive compound is environmentally friendly and the procedure is approved by the Cologne District. This demolition method produces significantly reduced levels of vibrations, noise and dust." - Heinz J., Sanfter Abriss eines Bollwerks, www.general-anzeiger-bonn.de, 2015

"Air-ride shelter on Karlstrasse St. in Bonn will be demolished. [...] "Explosive demolition is not possible due to the presence of nearby businesses, installations and streets." [...] Moreover, the vibrations could potentially damage the steam turbine in the local heat and power plant. For these reasons a low-emission method that minimises vibrations, noise and dust was chosen. At first, several meter long holes were drilled in concrete, in accordance with the technology approved by the Cologne District. Then, an environmentally friendly expansive compound designed to makes deconstruction easier by crushing concrete upon chemical reaction with water was poured into the holes." - Kirfel W., Luftschutzbunker an der Karlstraße wird abgerissen, Kölner Stadtanzeiger, www.ksta.de, 2015

- Kuffner A., Spreng-Verbot Bundeswehr hilf! Wie reißt man ’nen Bunker ab?, EXPRESS.DE, www.express.de, 2015

Thank you Dan !

"Hello, thanks for the fast delivery! At first I was skeptical, but after the first application, everything was ok! Large basalt rocks, 150x100cm, could easily be broken off after drilling and filling Dynacem with the jackhammer! Yours sincerely,"

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