Non-explosive demolition agent DYNACEM is a heavily expansive grout for non-explosive rock breaking,
concrete demolition, chemical splitting and cracking. It expands soundlessly, tears apart structural elements and separates reinforcing steel from concrete. You only need a hammer drill to use it:

  1. Begin
    by drilling the holes:
  1. Mix DYNACEM with water
    and pour into the holes:
  1. DYNACEM expands, BREAKS and TEARS APART boulders, rock and reinforced concrete:


Appropriate distribution of holes allows:
- breaking into large, or small pieces:

  • accelerates demolition,
  • no noise, vibrations, sparks and exhausts,
  • no heavy machinery,
  • no flying debris, fire and toxic gases,
  • HYGIENIC CERTIFICATE issued by National Institute of Hygiene,
  • less hammering and energy consumption,
  • controlled path/run and pattern of cracking,
  • controlled demolition zones,
  • "cutting" along designated lines,
  • breaking into desired sizes,
  • no precautions and qualifications for handling explosive materials are required.
  - splitting or dividing into sizes suitable for transport:

  • rock breaking and stone splitting,
  • dividing beams, bases and foundations into pieces suitable for transport,
  • concrete demolition,
  • breakouts and openings in slabs and walls,
  • tunneling, trenching and rock excavation,
  • removal of rocky humps and boulders,
  • cutting concrete piles, exposing and releasing steel reinforcement from concrete,
  • natural stone extraction,
  • quarrying stone blocks with minimal waste.

when heavy machines, noise, or vibrations are undesirable.

Watch a photo gallery showing examples of controlled demolition agent DYNACEM application:

  • deconstruction, concrete crushing, demolition, or hammering tools rental is your business,
  • concrete removal, demolition, splitting and breaking rocks, concrete or stones is your favourite activity,
  • you encountered an obstacle and need to hire a concrete breaker, hydraulic breaker, jackhammer, rock braker or demolition shears,
  • you're wondering how to break concrete, or a rock, how to remove a foundation, or demolish a wall.
Demand for non-explosive and vibrationless demolition has experienced an exponential growth in the past years. An increasing amount of construction, or demolition jobs is performed in densely populated areas and even inside existing structures. Work needs to be carried out without damaging the nearby structures. Non-explosive demolition agent guarantees minimal risk in such situations.

We are convinced that DYNACEM is a great method of chemical demolition that doesn't cause damage to the surroundings. Our experience in hydraulic structures helps us appreciate that DYNACEM does not damage and cause potential leaks in the bedrock. Demolition, stone quarrying, rock breaking and splitting with non-explosive demolition agent is safer and more environmentally friendly than using demolition shears, hammering, sawing, explosive demolition or detonating cord.