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We deliver your order to your door by UPS courier free of charge, within 3 work days.
For questions about the use of Dynacem we are available 7 days a week via email.
Currently we have the following Dynacem versions available:
- Standard (0 to +20 °C), and
- Standard (-10 to +10 °C), and
- Summer (+10 to +30 °C)
   - can be used from +5 to +35 ° C if the hole diameter is limited to 30 mm at temperatures above +30 ° C, and
- Summer+ (+30 to +50 °C)
   - can be used from +15 to +50 ° C.

Do not use any of these Dynacem versions above their temperature range.
Dynacem works slowly in the bottom of its application temperature range and below it.


Before the purchase:
You are obliged to read the entire Product Data Sheet and familiarise yourself with the content of the Material Safety Data Sheet.
You should download both data sheets from, print them out, read and keep them handy to be able to refer to them while handling Dynacem on the job site.
Dynacem boxes that we deliver to you contain neither the Product Data Sheet nor the Material Safety Data Sheet.

The prices include UPS courier delivery to mainland UK, Ireland, Northern Ireland and to the countries listed in the Table below.
If you have a valid VAT number (VAT Reg No, e.g. GB123 4567 89), you pay the price without Polish VAT.

Non-explosive demolition and cracking agent DYNACEM is sold in 5 and 20 kg boxes. The price depends on ordered quantity.
BUY AND PAY with a payment card or PayPal (instant dispatch)
Ordered quantity
Price without VAT [GBP]
(if you have a valid VAT number)
including UPS delivery*
Price with VAT [GBP]
(if you do not have a valid VAT number)
including UPS delivery*
5 kg 51,00 55,08
20 kg 87,00 93,96
40 kg 159,20 171,94
60 kg 217,20 234,58
80 kg 266,40 287,71
100 kg 315,00 340,20
120 kg 378,00 408,24
140 kg 441,00 476,28
160 kg 504,00 544,32
180 kg 567,00 612,36
≥ 300 kg When ordering larger quantities, the price per 1 kg may be significantly lower.
Please request a quote by sending us an e-mail: d•••••
Payment method accepted:

bank transfer in EUR**

bank transfer in EUR**
* DELIVERY I N C L U D E D to mainland UK, Ireland^^, Northern Ireland^^, Bulgaria^, Croatia^^, Denmark, Estonia, Greece^, Hungary, Italy^, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal^, Romania^, Slovenia and mainland Spain^ (typical delivery time 3 work days, 4 work days for ^ marked countries, 4-5 work days for ^^ marked countries).
* S U R C H A R G E: deliveries to the following postal codes are subject to a surcharge of 16 GBP / 22 EUR (17,28 GBP / 23,76 EUR incl. VAT) per each 20 kg box: Croatia: 00000-09999, 10151-99999, Denmark: 3700, 3720, 3730, 3740, 3751, 3760, 3770, 3782, 3790, 4592, 5960, 5970, 5985, 6720, 7884, 8305, 8592, 9940, 9950, 9960, Estonia: 62601, 91217, 96027, 96098, 88001-88005, 91301-91320, 92001-92420, 93001-94702, Greece: 18010, 18020, 18040, 18050, 28xxx-29xxx, 34003-37005, 34007, 48xxx, 49xxx, 64002, 68002, 65xxx-66xxx, 70xxx-74xxx, 85330-85740, Italy (no deliveries to Livigno and Campione d'Italia): 2064, 2071, 07000-09999, 25050, 30010, 30012, 30100, 30121-30126, 30131-30133, 30135, 30141, 57030-57039, 58010-58018, 71040, 80070-80071, 80073-80077, 90010, 91017, 91023, 92010, 98050, 98052, 98055, Portugal: 9500xxx-9690xxx, 9700xxx-9950xxx, 9960xxx-9980xxx, 9000xx-9390xxx, 9400xxx, Spain: 07000-07999. Use bank transfer or PayPal ("Send Money" option to i•• to pay surcharge.
** B A N K T R A N S F E R: all UK and EU banks offer free (in the majority of cases) or cheap bank transfers in EUR (called SEPA - Single Euro Payments Area) to any bank within the European Union.
Price list valid from 18.07.2017 15:40

Choose order details and click BUY NOW. You’ll then be redirected to the PayPal website, where you enter your billing address, and delivery address. It is possible to pay with your PayPal account or payment card.
Payment confirmation and order details will be sent to you via e-mail immediately.
We dispatch a UPS courier immediately.
If you pay before 11:00, we will hand your Dynacem over to a UPS courier on that day!

The validity of the VAT number provided by the Buyer
will be verified online on the European Commission website
prior to product shipment and invoice issue.
Submission of a VAT number which is not valid
or does not belong to the Buyer voids the order.

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(if you have a valid VAT number)

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BUY AND PAY with a bank transfer in EUR (dispatch after payment receipt)

Other information

According to our experience, UPS usually delivers Dynacem in 3 work days (UK Mainland).
You can track the shipment online.
If you do not specify which Dynacem type you’d like to buy, we’ll make a random pick.
We dispatch shipments on work days only.
We stick the invoice to the product box, or send it via e-mail.
If we receive your payment after 11:00, the courier will pick it up on the following work day.

We hope you’ll find Dynacem useful!

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