Rock breaking and removal - excavation with non-explosive demolition agent Dynacem. Expansive rock breaking grout Dynacem has been aplied to make room for garage building in Norway. The client was afraid that breaking the frozen rocks would take a very long time. Dense drill pattern has been applied to obtain fast Dynacem reaction and as short breaking time as possible. Hole diameter: 43 mm, hole spacing: 215 x 215 mm. Temperature in the holes: minus 1 deg C. Two rows of holes were filled in one step. Wide cracks developed after 6 hours and the pieces of rock were delaminated completely. The customer filled out the holes at 18:00 hoping the cracks will form the next day. At midnight, there was a noise and it turned out that the first rock fragment delaminated and fell off the massif. Hole spacing was later increased to 400 x 400 mm but cracking time did not exceed 24 hours in second stage of the project.

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